Thursday, November 3, 2011

Nine Days of the Ninja: Day Three!

The deadliest warriors ever. The coolest bloggers ever. My chum Steve Miller - Cinema Steve himself - brought those two things together, and here we are in:

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Ninja Public Service Announcement!

You may notice that my posts so far seem to revolve around a select few pop culture ninjas. Well, it's true. But these are the guys who got me in to ninjas to begin with, so they're kinda my go-to guys for ninjariffic fun!

But it's time to dial that fun back, so that TV's greatest ninja - Lee Van Cleef - star of the NBC TV series The Master - can give us an announcement that will serve the public with the help of artist Rob Kelly:

Yeah, I know he's wearing his cowboy outfit here instead of his ninja outfit - but I think he was afraid we wouldn't be able to see him if he turned on his full ninja-ocity...

But I wouldn't want to disappoint, so here's some John Peter McAllister pictures!

Until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. There's my Angel Eyes, Van Cleef was so badass I am in awe of him. Love those pics. Ninja-osity? You invented a new word, I think. I love it! May I use it some time?

  2. Love, love, love this poster. Did you make it? I
    need to learn that affect!

  3. I agree. The poster is amazing! Cowboy Ninja!

  4. Steve Miller, Writer of Stuff said...
    Is this where I get to show that I'm young and hip and use the phrase, "He's so ninja!"? :)

    Lee Van Cleef... ninja-osity embodied whether he's wearing a cowboy hat or a cowl! And you've inspired me to add him to the "Nine Days of the Ninja" game supplement I'm finishing up this morning.

  5. MB - indeed he was! He'a another actor that can yank a lesser project up by its bootheels! Please do use ninja-osity any time! I would be honored!

    Joe - thank you sir - no, not me, and I initially forgot to credit the artist who created these wonderful PSAs - but I fixed it!

    Luana - that sounds like a perfect description of Lee Van Cleef!

    Steve - Or we can go a little Commandant Lassard and say "He's so very, very ninja!" Wow! Very cool! I hope he brings much to the game!