Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nine Days of the Ninja: Day One!

Thanks to my blog pal Steve Miller over at Cinema Steve I am participating in this charming little Blogfest:

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And away we go!

TenList Presents: Ten Ninjas from Movies and TV!

That's one for each day of this Blogfest, and one to grow on!

1. Sho Kosugi  (Ultimate Movie Ninja)

2. Lee Van Cleef  (TV's The Master)

3. Michael Dudikoff  (American Ninja)

4. David Bradley  (American Ninja 3: Blood Hunt)

5. Franco Nero  (Enter the Ninja)

6. Lucinda Dickey (Ninja III: The Domination)

7. John Lone (The Hunted)

8. Conan Lee  (Eliminators)

9. Natassia Malthe  (Dead or Alive)

10. Ian Hunter  (Order of the Black Eagle)

There may be several more ninjas lurking in this post - who could possibly say? I couldn't, and until next post, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. You had me at the header (ninja/office pic)--I had to wipe coffee off my screen--thanks for that!

    You know, I've always wondered what ninjas could really do. Most legends are born from a grain of truth, yes? So where did fact leave and fiction enter?

    I know, I know--you could tell me.

    But then you'd have to kill me.

    With a pop can.

    And make it look like an accident...

  2. Ninja Blitz! Holy cow! I have a feeling over the next few days I'm going to know everything I need to know about movie ninjas.

    FYI: For a laugh, add the word Ninja before any movie title and see what happens. Ninja Godfather, Ninja Psycho, Ninja Citizen Kane. See what I mean?