Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Stew-art Little!

That is correct! Let us grab up our bowls and spoons, for it is surely time for another heaping helping of that most satisfying of meals for our eyes...

Random Stew!

Let's go ape!

Ape over 1976's obsession with King Kong! Okay, so much here - first off, does anyone even remember Burger Chef? And man, was that guy's painted King Kong literally everywhere in 1976 or what? Puzzles, magazines, toys, glasses, books, you name it, one of the above shots was on it! Dino de Laurentiis may have made some crappy movies in and amongst his bona fide classics - but you cannot say the guy didn't know how to PROMOTE. I wish I had these glasses now...

UPDATE - 7/23/11 - I love Ebay.

 I read this book as a kid - owned it, in fact. It was my only experience with Lawrence Welk cast fiction.

Meanwhile, back at the cliffhanging serial...

With the fourth movie released just a short while ago, The Pirates of the Caribbean has turned into quite the lucrative film franchise - a film franchise based upon a thrill ride at an amusement park! And long before Jack was a Captain, there were even really cool models based on the concept.

Models that were extra special - because they had ZAP/ACTION! But don't take my word for it - here's some promo material to give us all the lowdown...

So, you gotta wonder - assuming the molds are still stashed away somewhere - why hasn't Disney glommed onto these for a new movie tie-in release?


Here's a banner link thingie I designed that is supposed to be going up on the link page of a pop culture website - if I designed the furshlugginer thing correctly, that is. What do you think of my design, though?

For the wrap-up we always turn to one of the lovely ladies to show us the exit. And you can never go wrong with Martine Beswick, can you?

My o my! And until next time, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. LMAO I remember that King Kong disaster. I had the View Master movie version. Remember those? And I remember when Pirates was just a ride at Walt Disney World. I rode it for the first time at age 6. I think I barfed up cotton candy on that thing. ;)

  2. WOW! Where do I begin? First off...I LOVED Solid Gold. Nothing like seeing your favorite singers on TV. I still like singing shows (American Idol, etc.) I remember hubby and I could never figure out if Boy George was a girl or a guy.

    Susan St. James was one of my faves back in the day. My favorite movie was a romantic comedy with her and Peter Fonda called Outlaw Blues.

    The Chris Walken dance was fabulous. I remember how cool it was. And it still rocks!

    I love the Lennon Sisters...their harmonies were beautiful.

    King Kong will always be hot. I like the Jessica Lange version best. Those glasses are awesome.

    We saw the latest Pirates movie...Johnny is amazing as always. And Penelope Cruz is the most beautiful woman in the world!


  3. Melissa - I had the King Kong Viewmaster set too! Now there was some 3-D! ;)

    Luana - A two-fer! Solid Gold was a sizable part of my weekends back in the day! I love the movie Love at First Bite - and SSJ is one of the reasons why! Christopher Walken - if we didn't have him - we'd have to invent him!

    And guys - no comment on my little blog logo link thing?

    (Thanks for stopping by!)