Monday, July 11, 2011

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #25!

Poster? I hardly even know her!

They Call Me Trinity  (Avco Embassy, 1971) 

This movie held the record for the most Italian "culos" in theater seats until 1986. It's a pretty funny movie if you like comedic spaghetti westerns.

Cheerleader Camp  (Prism Entertainment, 1987)

This was the last movie role for Lucinda Dickey other than a brief walkon in a Perry Mason TV movie in the 90's. I wish she would get back into movies.

Space Mission to the Lost Planet (aka Horror of the Blood Monsters)  (Independent International, 1970)

A typical Al Adamson concoction with footage from at least three movies dating back at least five years prior to this one escaping...

And that will do it! Until next time, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!


  1. Oh my God, I actually saw Cheerleader Camp not that long ago. My friend had dug out his ancient VCR and holy shit, it still worked. So he pulled out his VHS tapes. We watched this one and Funeral Home.

    That spaghetti western poster made spit my iced tea everywhere. And you just have to love the cheesy sexy costumes and pics used to sell a flick. I miss those. The posters now just try to be so artsy.

  2. I love spaghetti westerns. So darn funny! Never saw this one, though. Love the Cheerleader Camp poster...way before there was photoshop. LOL.

  3. what 1986 movie surpassed Trinity? Whatever it was, I'm sure it didn't have Bud Spence bonking someone over the head with a closed fist. I bet.

  4. Melissa - WOW! What are the odds there! That's fantastic! Had you seen it before?

    Luana - I love them too - they're almost as tasty and filling as spaghetti!

    Rick - I'm not sure - but if we're very lucky it was The Sheriff and the Satellite Kid and it DID feature that priceless bit of business.

    Thanks for coming by everybody!

  5. Yeah, I've seen Cheerleader Camp, of course I hadn't seen either movie in about 2o years or more. It was hilarious watching it now as an adult instead of a teenager.