Monday, June 27, 2011

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #23!

Words? We don't need no stinkin words! We need MOVIE POSTERS!

Tidal Wave  (Toho, 1974/New World Pictures, 1975)

Lorne Greene needs a towel!
This was a big budget Japanese disaster movie called The Submersion of Japan, with incredibly painstaking and detailed special effects scenes showing, er, the submersion of Japan. Roger Corman got the American rights to it a year later, cut an hour out of the running time, added a few minutes of cheaply shot scenes of Lorne Greene sitting at a desk on the phone and presented the result to a breathlessly waiting America as Tidal Wave to jump on the disaster movie bandwagon. I love Roger Corman.

Frankenstein Meets the Space Monster/Curse of the Voodoo  (Allied Artists, 1965)

I wonder if the Space Shield Eye Protectors could protect you from seeing the movie? I kid! I'm a kidder! It's actually one of the finest "NASA android gets facially damaged and battles an alien creature starring Return of the Living Dead's James Karen" movies ever made! I don't know much about Curse of the Voodoo except it's British and was a year old when it was shanghaied into playing second feature for FmtSM. So there you go.

Speaking of British...

Are You Being Served? The Movie  (Thorn EMI, 1977)

Actually, I'm pretty sure they weren't free - as you would have needed to pay for a ticket to see this in the cinemas. In any case, if you've ever enjoyed the antics of this bunch as the Britcom is a PBS station perennial here in the US, did you know they made a feature film too? It's a fairly thin affair, almost as low budget as the Spanish vacation the staff of Grace Brothers department store takes in the film - but they did make a movie, and it has the weirdness of also starring (though he's nowhere on that poster) Andrew Sachs - Manuel from Fawlty Towers - as a Manuel retread in the Spanish hotel. In any case - the movie is on DVD and was available from Netflix a while back if you're so inclined.

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