Monday, August 31, 2015

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #227!

Date with Disaster  (Astor Pictures Corporation, 1958)

I haven't seen this British drama - but it has The First Doctor and a Bond girl in it - so I'd certainly give it a look given the chance.

Slave Trade in the World Today  (Continental Distributing, 1964)

Yet another "Mondo" style movie, this one originating in Italy and popping over here some time later. I will surprise no one when I mention I have not seen it. And, to be honest, not all that interested in it. Good poster, though.

Jungle Captive  (Universal Studios, 1945)

The third and last in a brief 1940's series featuring an ape turned into an attractive woman...or is that an attractive woman turned into an ape? I'll leave it to you to figure that out - I've seen all three and while they're not my favorite Universal monster movies - they're short and have cool actors so I'd watch them all again.

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