Monday, December 26, 2016

Maniacal Movie Poster Monday #244!

Three posters - and this time I've seen and really like all three movies...

Lady in the Lake  (MGM, 1947)

Considering what a wild visual experiment this movie was for 1947 - I'm truly amazed this movie isn't held in higher regard than it is. In this movie, the camera takes the place of Robert Montgomery as the hard boiled detective - and he is only seen a few times when the detective looks into a mirror. Otherwise it's all first person as he talks to people - chases them - fights them. Who cares if the story is standard issue detective fodder? This is Hardcore Henry done almost 70 years before that movie was made!

Deathstalker  (New World Pictures, 1983)

While I do feel the sequel - made by other filmmakers led by this blog's pal - director Jim Wynorski - is the better of the two flicks, this is a fun sword and sorcery entry from the early 80's.

Cast Away  (20th Century Fox, 2000)

This is an entertaining movie in and of itself - but the behind the scenes production is really cool. They had Tom Hanks put on weight so he starts the movie a chunky monkey, then after he gets stranded on the desert island and time passes he is shown to have lost weight. To facilitate this they shot the first half of the movie, then they took a break to let Hanks go off and slim down.

While on this downtime they didn't want the crew to go on to other shows, so director Robert Zemeckis had another script standing by and they proceeded to make What Lies Beneath with Harrison Ford and Michelle Pfeiffer before coming back to finish this movie with skinny Minnie Tom Hanks.

Lastly, this movie has my good buddy Nick Searcy who is third billed but is, according to him, "upstaged by a damn volleyball."

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