Saturday, April 19, 2014

A-Z Challenger 2014: Q is for Q - The Winged Serpent!


Here's another rather glorious poster for a stop motion animated monster movie - like the C post The Crater Lake Monster - but this time the movie is very cool.

The always quirky Larry Cohen wrote, produced, and directed what is essentially a 70's style character driven crime drama of a second rate criminal (Michael Moriarty) that just happens to have a flying reptilian beastie in it too. Girlfriend Candy Clark and cops David Carradine and Richard Roundtree add to the fun.

I'll say this for Q - you've never seen a movie quite like it!

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  1. !!!!! That! When I was a kid there was a movie with a flying reptile in a later 60s/70s style that my dad watched. I've spent years trying to recall (at random points) what the movie was. For the longest time, I thought maybe it was Rodan and had almost resigned myself to the possibility that my child mind embellished it (even more than the Japanese embellished their own Toho productions). But now I recall with perfect clarity that it was Q. Thanks so much! Can't wait to tell my dad(who also couldn't recall) and watch it with him. :D

    The Immarcescible Word

  2. I love when this happens! Pleased to have been of service!