Friday, November 19, 2010

Tenlist Presents: The Same Name Game!

10 Performers Who Changed Their Names Because Someone Was Already Using Theirs...

1. Michael J. Fox - Michael Fox was an American actor who played the coroner on Perry Mason and continued acting into the 1990s. So when Michael Andrew Fox came to America from Canada to seek his fortunes in acting, he had to register a different name with the Screen Actors' Guild (SAG). He chose a J. over an A. to honor character actor Michael J. Pollard and the rest is history.

Michael Fox                                    Michael J. Fox

Michael J. Pollard

2. William H. Macy - William Macy played the husband on TV's Maude, so William Hall Macy kept the middle initial so he could star in Fargo and many other great movies.

William Macy

William H. Macy

3. Stewart Granger - British movie star Stewart Granger was born James Stewart.

Stewart Granger                                     James Stewart


4. Vanessa A. Williams/Vanessa L. Williams - Both of these ladies took the middle initial route, A. first to distance herself from the Miss America scandal L. was embroiled in back in the day, and L. to make sure you knew she wasn't A.


5. Michael Keaton - was born Michael Douglas, as in both the talk show host and the son of Kirk D.
Michael Keaton

Michael Douglas
Mike Douglas

6. Nathan Lane - born James Lopez, he changed his name when he got into acting because there was already a James Lopez registered with SAG. But that guy only apparently made a couple of movies; way to be a spoiler, bro!

But then again, Nathan Lane really fits him, doesn't it?

7. David Tennant - our erstwhile Doctor Who star was born David McDonald, but with another DMcD in the Equity union in the UK, he got inspiration from Smash Hits magzine and The Pet Shop Boys performer Neil Tennant and the rest is Whostory.

8. Katy Perry - she was born Katherine Hudson. Just like Goldie Hawn's daughter.

9. Terry O'Quinn - Was originally O'less, but a Terrance Quinn in SAG prompted our favorite Locke to buy a vowel.

And once again, just like the cases of Nathan Lane and David Tennant, the guy who prompted the change is so not famous you can't even find a picture of him.

But you can find a picture of me and Terry O'Quinn. If you look on my computer, that is.

10. Albert Brooks - well, let's put it this way. His actor brother is Bob Einstein, and he didn't change his name.

Albert Einstein, now known as Albert Brooks.
Albert Einstein, satisfied with his victory.

Albert's brother Bob Einstein, aka Super Dave Osborne

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