Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Tenlist Presents: Title Wave!

Ten Titles to Tempt, Titillate, and Tantalize!

Five Terrific Titles - the Movies? Not So Much...

It’s an alien on a killer motorcycle! Get it? Murdercycle! There! Just saved you eighty minutes!

...but wow, both the original and the replacement titles are pretty awesome!
Terrible slasher pic...

Probably the finest "imp-comes-out-of-bowling-trophy-and-terrorizes-Linnea Quigley" movie ever. But only probably. And yes, there's a collector's edition.

There are so many Troma titles to choose from here, but this was one of the first, and one of the best.

There have been some epic battles in society. Ali vs Foreman. Roe vs Wade. Lady GaGa vs Humanity. Then came this: The Brawl for it All. 64 minutes of flashback-clip-padded Oscar bait.

One Oxymoronic Title

Guess that means the first movie wasn’t really The Last Seduction then?

Two Sequels That Weren’t

Two movies with II in the title, neither actually a sequel! In this case, a fair-to-middlin' spoof of both the 60's beach movies and 80’s horror movies (with a great soundtrack), the II was added as an additional joke along with a subtitle - the end of the trilogy!
In the latter, the producers thought more people would watch their softcore beach romp if they thought there had been a first movie that was so good it got a sequel! Directed by Celebrity Rehab Hall of Famer Jeff Conaway! And yes, that's Jessica Hahn, stretching her 15 minutes as hard as she is that bikini top.

One Great "Huh?" Title


One Great Almost Title

In 1979 Universal Studios was originally planning to turn the third movie in one of their franchise properties over to the National Lampoon people to parody, however that version was never made and the third film ended up being made as a serious thriller a couple of years later instead. But, oh, what a great title it would have been if left to the Lampoon:

And that makes ten! Till next time, you Can Poke Me With A Fork, Cause I Am Outta Here!

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